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Comparing fully compliant payroll solutions where an Umbrella Company or similar is required/desired
Fully Compliant
We only compare fully compliant payroll solutions to keep our clients safe
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One point of contact that knows you and your needs, giving you the option of after hours support
Faster Payments
All payments will be made within 24 hours of recieving funds
Free Setup
If neccessary we will incorporate a Limited Company and setup a High-street Business Bank Account
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Simple to use timesheet/invoicing portal. No more administratin headaches
Fully UK Based
There has been a lot of negative attention to off-shore accounting strategies we only compare on-shore UK structuring

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Industry Sectors

Just some of the sectors which will benefit from our serivices

IT Contractors

An ever increasing client base is coming from the IT industry who have fallen foul to IR35 regulations and other newly introduced HMRC rulings


Oil / Gas Workers

Historically a great number of contractors from the oil and gas industry have benefited from tax efficient structures requiring Umbrella Companies



The UK medical workforce has benefitted greatly from our bespoke solutions which can be adapted to the dynamic nature of their employment



Often overlooked but financial professionals know where to find the best solutions; that's why they choose us

How much could you save?

Check out a typical comparison for a £75k salary


Using a bespoke solution can enable clients to save vast amounts of money. Enjoy more of what you earn!

Bespoke solution: £63,000 from £75,000 after all Tax, NI and fees

This makes you better off by:

  • £19,500 compared to a standard Umbrella Company
  • £14,250 compared to standard PAYE
  • £12,000 compared to a standard Limited Company

Bespoke Solution84%
Standard Umbrella Company 58%
Standard Employee PAYE 65%
Standard Limited Co. 68%


Fully compliant with all current legislation

All HMRC documentation & administration included

Ongoing Support: All HMRC reporting & correspondence included

Structures introduced are not affected by IR35, MSC, GAAR etc

One touch away

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Use our simple timesheet/invoicing portal on your mobile device

Allowing you to deal with your finances on the go...

No more paperwork
No laborious tax returns
No frustrating expenses admin
No more wasted time
More money, more time!

Inclusive Public Liability & Professional Indemnity on Umbrella structures.

This is your chance! Give your income the boost you deserve!


Umbrella Company


Standard PAYE


Standard Ltd Co.


Bespoke Solution

This is your chance! Give your income the boost you deserve!